Coin of the Realm

One of the things that happened in clerking out the house for shipping was the number of coins that turned up in interesting locations. All together, I have pictures the amount several times. We had coinage from both before and after the advent of the EU. Then add in all the other countries to which I have paid a visit over the last 20 years or so. So I have shekels, lira, $$ from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, pesos, and coinage from the Middle East, South America and Africa.

In my suitcase this time I brought a small bag of US coinage. Small I. Terms of. OT taking up all of the suitcase, larger in that it added more than 2 kg to the weight.

When I went to the post office today, I decided to use my coinage to pay off the mailing. I had two priority boxed at the $12.xx each size and a coup,e of tevdek mailers, I was able to provide 38.60 in coins: quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies. One of the other counter clerks was also interested in change. He swapped $15 in paper money for 4 dollars in quarters, seven dollars in dimes and the rest in nickels and pennies. I also gifted him two coins -a penny forum Canada and one from her Majesty. This still left me with change in my ziplock.

As it turns out, Wells Fargo Bank has a branch here in Aspen. The nice clerk ran my remaining change through her machine. $4.07. She was also willing to convert a traveler’s check from 2001 into real money as well.

So there you have it: 38.60+15.00+4.07= 57.67 unless I can’t add in my head.

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