The Friedberg Clinic cased their colors today. It seems like such a simple statement. But it is reflective of far more. It permanently closes the history of a unit that was activated during WWII. That served in multiple locations in Germany after the war. Being subordinate, as the 733rd Medical Detachment to the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt. In 1994 when Frankfurt closed, operational oversight of the clinic at Ray Barracks, Friedberg Germany was transfered to Heidelberg. That same year all the numbered units were re-designated as named units with the closure of 7th Medical Command. I was in charge of outlying clinics for Heidelberg during 1993-1995. My youngest daughter was not even two. The drawdown was to be our peace dividend from the ending of the Cold War.

It is now 2007. All the units on this post are closing. Guidons are being cased, grounds cleaned, equipment turned in. BRAC is in full swing. Attending the ceremony today, I feel like it has come full circle: to closure here. Butzbach will case their colors on Thursday. There needs to be a wall at the Army Medical Department to note, honor, those who have done so much to support and provide medical care for soldiers. Retiring the colors, closing the traditions, in 10 years no one will remember the clinic, not at all the commander and first sargeant rolling up the flag for the last time.



It was a very successful mailroom trip, on return from this morning’s ceremony. In the back of my van, the empty of seats van, you will note that there is a row of packages. My SOM kit from Chameleon Color Works, some medium weight STR from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, a small package from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm and treasures from The Sweet Sheep Shoppe including a skein of “Wicked.” This is enough yarn to allow me to complete all planned socks and obligations through at least the fall. Unless I keep up at the 10 pairs a month rate, and I am not going to be that insane.


With the van ride this morning, I managed the top on the second Glamour, then finished up the foot this afternoon. This is the 10th pair for the month. May should be a bit saner. All pairs can be found here.


Yarn: Scarlet Letter from The Sweet Sheep, a merino tencil combination.
Needles: The first was knit on 2,00 mm Lantern Moon Sox Stix. Since it turned out to be a bit tight in the ankle, I knit that portion on 2,5 mm rosewood dps on the second sock.
Notions: Beads, 34 per sock.
Pattern Details: top down, provisional cast-on with hemmed top. One row of beads around the top. 4 lace panels of 17 stitches each for a total of 68 stitches.

Did I mention the SOM that arrived today? This one should be interesting. Lengthwise sock in shadow technique, with two colors; wild cherry and moss. One is merino/tencil and the other bamboo/merino The yarn is now in balls and I am goign to cast on to be able to say that I got them started in April.


There was also a box of books that arrived. Miriam had been waiting for Lady Friday by Garth Nix and Celandine by Steve Augarde. Charles De Lint has a compendium of chapbooks that was in the box for Nina, one Manga for the Noah and Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch for me.

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fiber person - knitter, spinner, weaver who spent 33 years being a military officer to fund the above. And home. And family. Sewing and quilting projects are also in the stash. After living again in Heidelberg after retiring (finally) from the U.S. Army May 2011, we moved to the US ~ Dec 2015. Something about being over 65 and access to health care. It also might have had to do with finding a buyer for our house. Allegedly this will provide me a home base in the same country as our four adult children, all of whom I adore, so that I can drive them totally insane. Considerations of time to knit down the stash…(right, and if you believe that…) and spin and .... There is now actually enough time to do a bit of consulting, editing. Even more amazing - we have only one household again. As long as everyone understands that I still, 40 years into our marriage, don't do kitchens or bathrooms. For that matter, not being a golden retriever, I don't do slippers or newspapers either. I don’t miss either the military or full-time clinical practice. Limiting my public health/travel med/consulting and lecturing to “when I feel like it” has let me happily spend my pension cruising, stash enhancing (oops), arguing with the DH about where we are going to travel next and book buying. Life is good!
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3 Responses to Closure

  1. Chris says:

    Oh! I see something that looks like the package I sent you – is that really it? I sure hope it’s arrived by now…

  2. amanda j says:

    My goodness! What a haul in the post! Jealous!!
    I am again astounded by your sock power. Ten pairs in one month. That’s crazy.

    The end of an era is always difficult isn’t it? You will remember!

  3. Pat says:

    10 PAIRS of SOCKS??? Now I don’t feel so crazily obsessed knowing there is someone out there as addicted as me.
    Your new SOM looks very interesting – I’ll be watching that one develop (or do you already have it done??)

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