This is a sea day and when such a day falls immediately before docking I mostly do non-exciting things like look at all the yarn I brought along and shake my head. I make myself do the handwork on those knitted items I finished so that the ends are woven in, loose threads clipped.

I organize and pack while avoiding all the hype and push to spend money.

Since NCL has become serious about limiting photography during any of their performances, there is little opportunity to find things of interest in the evening. No one is swimming (at 15C out, that makes sense) and no one was in the hot tubs last night.

However, there was a chocolate buffet so without further comment, I will provide you pictures. (items for display including ice sculpture and carved veggies. These were not for eating. I actually skipped the chocolate and had a crepe with lemon instead).

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4 Responses to Chocolate

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Hope you are enjoying your cruise – am enjoying reading about it.

  2. AlisonH says:

    Shrek-n-see Deutsch chocolate?

  3. I admit it is skilful but I would never want to eat food people had been playing with – crepe with lemon sounds a better choice!

  4. Bill Reeves says:

    You devil you, I have been following along with your adventures at Sea and Ashore but this is just too much.. I and Joanna have been on the H C G 500 calorie diet for three weeks and now have another three weeks with no sugar or starch.. I was wondering how I would fair at sea and now I know, NOT WELL.. So thanks for the lesson I guess. What a wonderful life you lead trapsing around the world on a luxury liner..
    God Bless,
    P s
    I have checked and many jewish folks love the serinety prayer..

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