Chef’s Table

I think I mentioned that Cheré & I had planned on using up some of the on-board-credit last cruise at the Chef’s Table.  If you are not familiar with the execution – fancy meal with wine pairings with the chef coming out between courses and describing the execution of each dish in excruciating detail.  Much of the actual entertainment comes from your dining companions.

Originally scheduled about half way into the cruise, I wound up with a conflict (can’t be at two dinners at the same time – something that never ever happens to be on shore. One dinner is all I usually manage and that is if I remember to eat. ) Wait – none of that has anything to do with the fact that we rescheduled for the last night of the cruise – not exactly the first choice for either of us.

Come that last day, we sort of had finished our packing and were ready to move to a new cabin as a reward for our organizational skills. The seas were mildly rough, but neither of us thought anything about it. We arrive promptly and talk to Bento – seriously excellent waiter from Portugal. And we wait. He goes out, comes back. A couple has cancelled because of the rough seas.

Now we are six.

But not really since no one else has shown up. He gets a second phone call – the guy is sick, according to his wife, and they aren’t coming.

Now we are four at a table that will hold up to 16.

Waiting a bit longer, Bento tries to reach the last couple but they are not answering their phone. End result is that we rescheduled to this cruise where we had a full table this evening. Really full – as in all 16 chairs filled.

The dinner was lovely, most of the other guests were lovely people. In fact they all were great until the wine started influencing a couple of the gentlemen who became a bit louder and stupider than anyone really appreciated. Honest fact that drunks are normally funny to themselves and other drunks – but not the rest of us. But then I don’t think that just because there is wine in your glass requires that you drink it.

Why am I not talking about today’s Master Sea Chef Competition?

The dish of the day was steak tartar complete with raw egg.

Need I say anymore?

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