Chaos again

It was raining in Pfäffikon. Cold little droplets just the size to slide down the back of my neck and under my collar before I realized that it really was wet.

TISA stayed inside except for one photo with a mountain backdrop.


I had planned on spending the morning fighting with some software. Instead I wound up reviewing and critiquing several business plans. This involved trying to find the right vocabulary to cross not only the German/English divide but the doc to venture capitalist gulf which is probably wider. It is not just language which forms outlooks, and context that puts meaning to words, but training and life experience. So what was obvious to me had to be broken down in logical steps for another who does not think in terms of micro-cellular processes on a daily basis.


The software will keep. I have a list of improvements that I would like to see, including the ability to resize once a graph has been started, and the ability to have multiple graphs open at the same time (with the obvious goal of cutting and pasting).

Over Her Dead Body by Kate White came to me in a package from a Bookcrossing contact. If you like New York or the fashion/gossip industry type magazine this would probably be a fun read. The character development had a few holes, or perhaps I just “don’t get it.” Anyway – it made for an entertaining car read on the return.


After a crisis or three (how can you have a rational discussion about using the car with the GPS in order to find your quilting group meeting at Margaret’s in the hinterlands at 1900 and then come downstairs ready to leave – 1830 – and two guys loading a welding machine into the back of that same vehicle? And get blank looks – really blank looks – when you ask about what time the car will be back. Shoulder shrugs, is it important? ) I managed to get to the monthly evening Chaos Quilters get together.

I managed to find homes for 10 Quilting magazines and four Dover publications. I am on a roll.

Then Margaret comes up with this year’s challenge. Log Cabin with a twist. Sheesh. Several of us are not art quilters, and are trying to figure out how to make this fairly traditional while obeying the rules that no classical quilts be produced. I may have to make two – one to be purely evil and mess with her, and the other to really do something with twisted log cabin blocks.

Oh, did I show you Margaret’s cupboard which stands taller than my 170cm?



Wyvern is progressing.


Altho I made it beyond the heel by the end of the day. Rather than use a short row, I knit a flap, then picked up and am including a gusset – it just fits me better. I really do not like a small hole at the heel/instep join which always happens for me, no matter how much I increase the % of stitches used on the heel.


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