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is not a good look on iPhones. Nor is dropping them accidentally in cold water, not realizing it and leaving it to soak for about – oh, let us say seven hours? The amazing thing was that it was on, … Continue reading

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Weights, Measures, and distance

I should’ve realized that there was a catch to the UK being “metric.”  It certainly applies to weights and measures in the stores. Everything is clearly labeled in grams or cc without a secondary conversion to Imperial for those who … Continue reading

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may not be golden, not even considering that old song. But it certainly can be welcome. As a child of the 50s, starting university in the 60s, med school in the early 70s, I was never one for background anything. … Continue reading

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September 11th

Nine o’clock in the morning was 1500 and getting toward the end of the duty day in Europe, that day 21 years ago.  Children who hadn’t yet been born that fall are now adults. We have built memorials, fractured our … Continue reading

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daylight savings time

sucks to put it mildly. I really have no clue why this particular one hour shift in clock time puts me so out of whack. It isn’t like I haven’t had to deal with a lot of time zone changes … Continue reading

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The ordinary things

Remember when you were young and foolish? When you looked at the infirmities of older people without the least bit of recognition that, if you were fortunate/unfortunate depending on your point of view, you were going to be that persons … Continue reading

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Happy 2sDay

It seems like people get excited about silly things – in this case a date that is 2/22/22 or 22.2.22 depending on your particular country’s date format. There are claims that it is a “Once in a lifetime occurrence.”  Well, … Continue reading

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No game

“Having game” is an English language expression which I don’t remember from childhood. Maybe it is American? Probably not polite enough to be of Canadian origin. And not quite stuffy enough to be of English origin. According to the Urban … Continue reading

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One year later

I am hoping, without actual hope, that 6 January doesn’t become another negative turning point in US history like 11 September. What I can say is that there are still those who don’t believe we had a fair election in … Continue reading

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Felicitations and solicitations

This is part observation, part rant. The third part is actually sadness at the waste of resources. First, the observation – over the last two weeks, our mailbox has had numerous Christmas Cards with the occasional holiday card tossed in … Continue reading

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The phone are

There are either too many options, or not enough I was thinking as we discovered logistical chain impacts on cell phones as well. Perhaps (or not) you are old enough to remember the single household phone on the kitchen wall? … Continue reading

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Black Friday – Star Legend

This commentary is brought to you by the miracle of too much coffee… Anyway. For those of you who are not US the following may be interesting. Everyone else, feel free to skip down several paragraphs. The background of Black … Continue reading

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Twenty years on

since life as most of us in the US (and particularly those of us who were active duty at the time) literally saw our world crash and burn. As a country, somehow we were shocked to be attacked on our … Continue reading

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introduction of teenagers

in further commentary on Tom Standage’s The History of Motion comes the addition of concepts and terminology that has entered into the English Language (and by extension those of other countries) by the introduction of an automobile based society. I … Continue reading

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Who was Mr Toad?

This is not a non sequitur. Rather, it is a speculation on whom Kenneth Grahame based his character of Mr. Toad.* As a child, Wind in the Willows was a wonderful story. Perfectly acceptable that animals could be anthropomorphized, no … Continue reading

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Out of the past

A long time ago (ok, more than 40 years ago), George & I lived in St Paul (MN). I had a small family practice mostly focused on OB and well babies. George was working for Legal Aid. I mentioning this … Continue reading

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waiting patiently

Is all that any of us can – or should – do. The US is still a democracy – it is time to let the process run its course. That means obeying all the laws, all the court order, and … Continue reading

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If you are not a US voter – skip the next little bit. And, for your information – the US, unlike several countries, does not have mandatory voting. Vote. Exercise your rights. Retain your ability to honestly be able to … Continue reading

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Herd Immunity

This is a rant – delete at will. Before I even go down the trail of why this new plan of the US White House is immoral, obscene, and not even remotely ethical – let us talk about herds. Herds … Continue reading

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11 September

There are 19 years separating us from those horrible events. There are voters now who were no t even alive when those planes came down: into the Twin Towers in New York; into the Pentagon; into a field in Pennsylvania. … Continue reading

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