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to Dublin and back

And regretfully, I am not speaking of Ireland but of rather one of the small cities south of Oakland. Realistically, I would say it is more of a suburb with a local government than a real city. (brief detour to … Continue reading

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Quilt for Nina

Did I show you this? A quilt made for a young lady who showed up a bit early, just after the first of the year. and a close up of a few since her parents are dedicated A’s fans and … Continue reading

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Bearly there

and before you make any comments about Golden Bears – yes I know this bear is not brown. Get over it. What else? My backer kit from the PDX Broadsides kickstarter arrived. This is a Filk/Folk group from Portland Oregon … Continue reading

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two shirts and an owl

or should that be owl followed by shirts? Nah, the shirts were completed long before dark when I started on the Owl Feeding my puzzle addiction, I discovered a new purveyor of wooden puzzles. This particular manufacture has only a … Continue reading

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Fairy Girls

Done!  Well almost. Mostly? Quilted anyway The embroidery had been finished for a while. It was just tackling the quilting.which I did by the “quilt in the ditch” method, carefully outlining each square.   Since there are six girls, each … Continue reading

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Sixty Thousand stitches later.

Ok, not 60k, just 59159 stitches comprised of 7 different colors with 12 thread changes. It took a while, but Robo was completed just shortly after 1300.  

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And then there are flowers

I have this sewing machine that is also capable of embroidery. Over the last two years I have accumulated various assorted items (towels, t-shirts, napkins, placemats, quilt squares) that are all lacking in “that special decorative touch.” To add to … Continue reading

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And not a flamingo

The Eldest is amused, but not enthralled by my flamingoes. She has an extensive side garden but has given me the evil eye when ever I have suggested “improvements.” Apparently, our tastes don’t exactly match. She is also the cat … Continue reading

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Today it is trains

My mind is blank, or rather, I am drawing a blank when trying to figure out whether or not I accomplished anything todayNo trip into SF. No knitting. But dishes. Errands – oh, right – Post Office – mailing out … Continue reading

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Too far to the game

Since yesterday was a holiday – the waiting room at UCSF was jammed to the gills with both the Friday and Thursday patients. Since there was little to no traffic, the drive in went smoothly, the clinic was running at … Continue reading

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Monday morning traffic

Sucks at the best of times. This morning was not one of those. In the future, I think there are two choices – either get on the interstate at University Avenue, work my way over to the left hand HOV … Continue reading

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Butterflys Surrounded

Still working on that last square. but have the first six sewn together and sashing prepared for the remaining sections. After looking at the polar fleece I had been planning on using, which was more butterflies, I decided to be … Continue reading

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Butterfly Quilt

I have kept thinking that there had to be a way to incorporate machine embroidery in quilt making. Rather than spend hours putting little pieces of cloth together in order to make squares. Instead, I should be able to spend … Continue reading

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Sometimes the pattern is just perfect

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yes, I can embroider a doily with the machine. Stitched on wash-a-way stabilizer, each takes about an hour (+/-) with the bobbin filled with matching thread since obviously both sides of the doily will be visible. No clue what I … Continue reading

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Probably I should have spent more time today studying than I did. But I had signed up for a software class (embroidery) a couple of weeks ago. First I had purchased the software. Ravelry is dangerous. People give you all … Continue reading

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Close your eyes

Don’t watch. Seriously, you don’t want to see this. Cal was at Stanford today for the second of their two games. The first, Thursday, was at Haas Pavilion with Cal pulling out a win on Asha Thomas’ buzzer beating last … Continue reading

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She likes unicorns

Besides schematics on a lot of flour sack towels, I have been trying various designs on terry towels. It was a while ago, but there was Felix and Felicia (bib and towels). I messed around with a couple of other … Continue reading

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Q Cafe

UC Hastings College of Law has two buildings on McAllister in San Francisco. They lie across an intersection from each other. In the Admin building, besides offices, the second floor boasts a cafeteria called the Law Cafe which is open … Continue reading

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Microscope as schematic

Everyone can always use dishtowels, right? I mean seriously. No matter how inventive dish-washer manufactures are, there are simply a number of items that don’t fit. Much less that favorite coffee mug or tea cup that is just right in … Continue reading

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