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And it only took twice as long as I had planned. Originally, I had contemplated about an hour per item and that worked well for the first three. Not much stitching, everything fit exactly where it was supposed to. The … Continue reading

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Today was pretty much a PITA.  My plan had been simple: listen to an audiobook or two: sort out some floss; finish backstitching the Death of Rats; and machine embroider a bunch of kitchen towels for a nurse that I … Continue reading

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Too large for hats

We had this brilliant idea, the Eldest & I, of putting a couple of Lev’s favorite character on hats to help encourage him to wear said hats. I found out very quickly that even using waste canvas, stitching on a … Continue reading

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Four quilts and an Otter

I think it was back in June when I promised the Eldest that I would convert four pre-printed panels into quilts as she had friends having babies. No problem, due dates were July to Sept. And then there was this … Continue reading

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Lighten Up

and that is dog as well as flamingos. Dani says it isn’t really a harness – just LED bands that continually change color which is a really good idea when your dog is rather hard to see in the dark. … Continue reading

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California Handweavers

Sometimes you can just be in the right place at the right time. My luck ran that way today. From what I think I read, it was the annual convention of the California Handweavers complete with classes, banquet and fashion … Continue reading

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not grumpy old men

There is a noisy bunch of old dudes – excuse me – mature men having a good time on our terrace. George celebrates his birthday every year by inviting the members of his Stammtisch (read Thursday night men’s discussion group) … Continue reading

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63rd Birthday

If I claimed to be a loving wife would you believe me? George turns 63 today so here I am with him in Switzerland so that he will not be alone on his birthday. Alone – with a day in … Continue reading

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helping me

The theory of my making some particular clothes for the Maus is that she puts in some time and assistance. To a large extent, this has happened. When she vanished partway through the day, I went to find her. All … Continue reading

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The Maus and I have been sewing. There are three jackets, two dresses, a skirt and a robe on the list for her. Being a smart mom – I went for the easiest first!

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Photo Friday

Has been a long time since I have done one of these. Photos on Friday that is. Traditionally I did doors and arches. There is also Sewing You do remember Ms Pink – right? Ok, she is currently being referred … Continue reading

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Where, oh where

After spending a day dealing with fleece of various kinds (no not the kind one can spin) and making a pj jumpsuit complete with feet for Ms Copper, a top and pants for the Mole (black with skulls), a scarf … Continue reading

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Monster Bag

Raining. Shall we just dispense with getting any work accomplished in the garden? I swear that The Mole has all the luck. Today he had committed to helping around here. With the rain, not likely that he will be out … Continue reading

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