Catching Up

Just the Maus and I today.

We cleaned (to some extent), did laundry. Washed the entire order of polar fleece that arrived a few weeks ago, played a couple of computer games. And knit.

I finished up her sweater (after a run to get another couple of buttons since the first batch are lost somewhere in the house).

Kochoran Sweater Front

Kochoran Sweater Front

Kochoran Sweater Back

Kochoran Sweater Back

The Mermaid is done, ends woven in, photographed

And this is when everything fell apart.

and drying upstairs.

I managed to find all the information from the Oct Cruise so that I can finally upload the pix.

As the final crowning glory for the day, I decided it was time to do the steeks on my Viking Ship Sweater. The Front is not an issue, one just stitches down the front. But the sleeves? I needed to know how long to make the steeks.

The pattern is missing. I have searched the house. Twice. I have been through everything. Nada. To make it worse, I located my working copy of pages 1-3. I need page 4. It is the one that specifies the sleeve information and has the chart.

Did I mention that this pattern is OOP? On Monday. I can email Sandnes and see if they are willing to send me a pdf of the pattern, or just the last page. I am easy and desperate!

After that, well. It was time to read and crash

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