31 Jan 09 - the back garden

31 Jan 09 - the back garden

It is peaceful in the back garden, boy and dog out for a stroll before we head on an outing.

Cambridge is on the list.

Map plus GPS gets us to a park and ride. 2.20 Sterling each covers both parking and a round trip into the city. Wandering around first through the inner part of town (unrelated to the University) we walk past

old, old shop

old, old shop

and old gates and doors.

Cambridge Door


We stopped for a late lunch at a lovely small Thai restaurant on a side street. When we were ready to leave, I reached into my bag for my wallet.

It wasn’t there. Or in my jacket. Neither were there any credit cards in the various purse pockets and my usual emergency stash of cash which I routinely tuck into my jeans pocket had been forgotten in our rush to catch the Park&Ride bus.

Flat, busted. Taking stock, I had three valuable things with me: my camera with lenses, my iPod, and the Mole.

Leaving all three in place, I made a dash through town, battling upstream through the crowds to catch the bus back to the Park&Ride. The bus driver looks at me, asks where is the other person. I explain that I have to make an extra trip. He punches out both tickets and tells me that I will have to pay again for both of us.

We are underway for over 45 minutes to accomplish the same drive that took 15 earlier this afternoon. Dashing to the car which is, of course, parked at the far end of the lot – I find my wallet sitting there smug and hardly visible against the black seats.

Naturally, the bus back to the city pulls out as I come running back to the station (same driver obviously).

Another 45 minutes, a job across town and I can ransom my son, bag, and pant. It is now dark out, too dark to take photos. The temperature has dropped to barely above freezing.

Day is busted – we make a couple of short stops but head back to the car and hit the road to home.

Might be nice to see Cambridge sometime….. with pockets properly loaded and my wallet tied to my belt.


fussing around with a new camera lens, taking another picture of this vest seemed like a good target. Had to do something with the frustration.

inside of vest

inside of vest

Viking Ship Sweater

a bit more knitting on the second sleeve

sleeve and a half

sleeve and a half

while listening to The Better Part of Valor by Tany Huff. Marguerite Gavin does an excellent job with the narration. Huff is one of the few current authors who can actually write military science fiction that rings true.

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