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  1. h, very entertaining, but remember (unless things have changed since the last airshow here), you can always get a pilot’s handle by just finding their plane (especially the fighters/attack types), they on the side of the fuselage.
    (wierd names…when at NAS Chase ground, we had our radio call… Seersucker followed by a number depending on whether you were base (trailer) or out on the runway. That was a mouthful when calling in… “seersucker 3 seersucker 1” try saying that fast… , the really stupid shit we remember 40+ years later)

  2. I will need to keep it quiet with Odin that there is a Task Force Odin. It will go to his head for sure, and there’s not much space there.

  3. What would they call a group of therapists they hauled around regularly?

    Shrink Haul
    Mind Crew
    Wizards (Marines call us wizards)
    Flying Nuts (probably referring to us and our patients)

  4. ROLFMAO!! I had to share the names here at work. 🙂 Very funny. For some odd reason, this brings to mind Santa’s reindeer (Dasher & Dancer, Prancer & Vixen … ).

  5. What I find interesting is that the AF CSAR folks are using Pedro as a call sign but for the last40 odd years, we have been “Jolly” after the Jolly Green Giants that we flew from Viet Nam through today. The only exception was my unit which adopted and was allowed to use “Pony XX” since we were the direct descendants of the Pony Express in Viet Nam. We still use the Pony call sign today while in CONUS.

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