Italy. A completely new port to me so I do what any good mountain goat should do and head up the hill for an overview. It is winter but the sun is shiny along with a freakishly strong wind. Which, with my luck is blowing down the mountain and out to sea making a light weight persons trek up the hill energy burning to say the least

It’s all narrow streets, steep angles and buildings which I think have never been repaired post WWII. There is a drone of mopeds in the background. While not demonstrating much in the way of art, I have to acknowledge a certain amount of admiration for the graffiti crew who have managed tags on abandoned walls 10-15 meters up without obvious footholds or lifts.

There are palaces of the Italian inner courtyard style and dozens of church related buildings with domes abounding. The amount of marble and granite is just astounding; reflected sunshine in a few areas is close to blinding.

The early peace and quiet of narrow streets and local shoppers gives way to the multilingual horde from the ship posing by themselves or alone complete with selfie sticks.

I’m headed back down to the city center then walk out to the historic areas along the coast. The wifi here is free and city provided. I am now about to see how it feels about uploading and downloading files.

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2 Responses to Cagliari

  1. AlisonH says:

    Take lots of pictures. Suntime being what it is for me, you’re my vicarious traveler!

  2. Holly says:

    Not to worry, I’ll even bring along the laptop for a slide show next time I’m there

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