There has been a new trend over the last several years in office design. It is called open plan offices. What it means is that rather than a bunch of cubicles, the walls are missing and everyone is out in the open. Not only can you see everyone in your area, but you can hear them, their calls and smell their lunch. Obviously I don’t think it is an appetizing trend in the least.

Back in the dino days when I worked at AMC, there were four of us “out in the bullpen” which is what it used to be called. Oh say about 1986 when I was the only hen in the group. Now, looking at the renovations with open plans, glass walls and ability to stare at people I am trying to decide between fishbowls and cages. Glass enclosures to be sure, kind of like those in the zoos where you can stare at the occupants. The other option, the fishbowl, only works if you add vast amounts of water to obnoxious inhabitants…..

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2 Responses to Cage?

  1. Either way it’s a Kafkaesque hell.

    • Holly says:

      No kidding. It is loud, the temperature is always wrong and I can’t be productive in that kind of disruption. Most of the 35 and under crowd seems to see this as normal.

      One thing for sure – it does cut down on non-work related browsing and porn is out of the question…. so a benefit!

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