Caf-fiend — 4 Comments

  1. btw…found my dos 6.22 disks…so someone else can have those… now for the games.
    thx… off for some bagels….

  2. For me it’s one fortified Kruger cup in the morning, a morning diet coke when available and a (nap in a glass ) Starbucks quad over ice in a Grande glass if you please….when ever out and about.. However upon reading your missive I am thinking about purchasing some of those youngster drinks, like oh I cant remember their names but it’s like Jolt or KICK START….? ​
    Yours truly in compulsive behavior
    P S
    No hat yet !! will start trace tomorrow…

    • Well, if that hat doesn’t show, I just knit you another. This time I will send it to the address closer to you. My preference is Peet’s or Caribou rather than the Starwhatevers. But they do have good sturdy mugs.. I’ll skip the Red Bull

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