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Cables and Cords — 9 Comments

  1. Cables…shoot…, I could have sent you boxes of the Euro plugs when I was working. Whatever we ordered came with a full set, that is, US, UK, Europe, and Oz…all different, and we had boxes and boxes of them neatly sorted out.
    Suggestion for ‘if you need to buy’, best place, best quality, least cost, check out http://www.cablestogo.com/ They have most any and everything. Their standard quality cables are just fine, no need to go to the top of the line, have never had one of their’s go south…, and they actually have sort routine that is customer friendly…not just cheap to $$, but LONG to SHORT as well when dealing with those kinds of cables.

  2. If you go buy that USB kit, the cords you are looking for will turn up instantly (but not sooner),

  3. You said cables and cords and I thought knitting cables and the cords on a circular needle. Surprise!

  4. cases of cords and cables. It is by rights that we all own bags of cables, and cords, none of which ever go with anything that is cable or cordless. Their rightful piece of equipment has gone elsewhere, and they are alone, unless of course you still have the equipment in which case the cord has disappeared

  5. On the drive front…I had a drive cord chewed by my daughter’s puppy in Q8. I simply gave up on the drive.

    You have more fortitude than I do on that front.

  6. do you need someone who is patient and can puzzle together your cable

    I happen to be a lover of such challenges, and reading your annoyance
    makes me feel for you 🙂

    Yours sincerely, the things disentangler 😉

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