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  1. When I was younger, I”d go to my father’s office at 100 Gold St. The window looked out on the Brooklyn Bridge. Super close. I wish I had a camera back then, I’ll always remember that breathtaking view.

  2. Wow, tell me this doesn’t resemble a cathedral?! Interesting architectural parallels to religious buildings in some of these – something I hadn’t noticed before about bridges. Nice photos.

  3. WOW. Great pictures. And to think I lived in the City for two years and never saw things the way you see them.

  4. What a fantastic collection of bridge photos – beautiful architecture & detail. Thanks for sending them.

    There is another aspect to bridges that a lot of people don’t think of – the underlying geology. Think of the forces acting on the bridge pillars – the underlying soil and/or bedrock has got to be strong enough to withstand them. Here we are very lucky with the Forth Bridges as they are firmly grounded on a dolerite sill, but in other areas it is much more of an engineering challenge. There are definitely good places to build your bridge and not-so-good places.

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