Brest France

The Castle (Fort) stands out and above the city, being the only thing that is actually not rebuilt in the last ~60 years. Brest otherwise has nothing remarkable for architecture. Like Stuttgart it was pretty much flattened down to brick and block by Allied bombing. A key naval harbor for centuries, it pretty much makes sense that it would be bombed considering the proximity to the D Day landing beaches and the use by the Germans.

At 1000 in the morning Brest is quiet except for the cry of seagulls and the ringing of church bells. Closing hours are obviously in effect which happens to include the tourist center in this port town. Since the town is not on most cruise ship routes, it hardly seems worth the effort to have things open for the 1-2 Sundays a year which might be affect. The only place where there seems to be any people or activity at all is the open air market at Place de Libertie

The locals are shopping for fresh fruits, produce and farm specialties ranging from breads and chickens through honey, mead and cheese. And shoes, we can’t forget the shoes.

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