Breakfast Debating Society

Once again, there is almost no one in the gym quite early and I have been able to enjoy my iPod and the lack of piped in disco. After a decent amount on time on my favorite treadmill (oh, let us say the maximum 59 minutes it will let me set) I headed for breakfast. I had met the couple two doors down from Cherie and I two moorings ago. They are on R&R from his job in Saudi and delighted to be out of the country. I think Gabon is next on their agenda. Four years in the Arab mid-east seems to be their limit.

Sitting at the table with them is Ed from Texas. Yes, Texas, the state where everything is bigger, better and more expansive. Add to those thoughts the fact that he is multi-generational Texan and has both inherited wealth and added to it. Shall we include hunting weapons and Republican party? At least he has the grace to be embarrassed about Gov Perry. As a group, we are all rather opinionated and quite vocal with the ability to limit the stays of those attempting to sit near us in the buffet.

Needless to say, our discussions have been tumultuous and far ranging. Suze and I ably hold up the liberal front while Ed goes down one ridiculous (to me) rat hole after another. What is interesting is that not one of us has any problem with the concept of picture IDs, especially for voting. But then, we all have driver’s licenses and passports.

It has been interesting but exhausting and I have drunk entirely too much coffee since getting away early has proved to be challenging. This is the third morning I have joined them. Now to see if I can manage to not see them tomorrow, sit by myself and relax.

Cabin 7002, Jewel OTS

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