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  1. Okay, let me read between the lines. Are you actually leaving Germany and moving into the house in California? Am I close? Sounds like you are, but what will happen to Shana? Will she stay in Germany? I know the others are in the USA.
    Have you finished with your cruising, or just taking a break?

    Hope all’s well with you and yours,

  2. @Ann

    Haven’t finished cruising – have six scheduled for this fall starting end Aug.

    Not moving – just shipping stuff. The Eldest is headed to USF for grad school – MBA time

  3. Are you giving us fair warning to take hearing protection if we head Williamsburg way after the first of the year ?

  4. What a lovely gift! Who wouldn’t want a hammered dulcimer in their home and life? You sure unearth the best “junk”!

  5. Did you know that Matthew played the hammered dulcimer professionally? Three recordings–last one with Vassar Clemmens and Sam Bush as back up. Nice instrument. Not easy to play.

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