It has been a long time since I have had hours and hours to browse a real book store. Brick and mortar – major chain – shelves and shelves of books.

Barnes & Noble seems to wisely have scooped up the contract for most of the University Affiliated bookstores which is probably just as good a deal for them as it is for the school.  In this case, it is DePaul just a few blocks up State Street.  I happily spent hours wandering the shelves.  (aside: I think that the current cover trends in several genres reflect either lack of imagination or brain death. Boring…. but I have to remember that these covers are probably chosen by the same idiots who are enraptured by vampires….)

I found a good dozen books which I think might be interesting and bought…. none. I’ll watch for them on the eShelves of the Chicago Public Library and online books sales in either electronic or audio format. Plus, my back is sore and I really don’t want to add to the weight I am dragging to California.

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