It seems she could reach her dad on his cell phone in California. I could call the kids in Heidelberg: and they finally got through to inform her that the mom was driving around in circles. Every time I called, it went straight to her mailbox. I received her SMS about two hours later, just about the time her phone notified her of missed calls. The security people at Heathrow Terminal 2 are not nice about waiting longer than a minute in the drop off/pick up zone.

She is no longer Ms Pink. My gaze slid by her the first time before coming back to rest on Ms Copper.

Ms Bronze

The colour was reputed to be light auburn. She glows like a candle flame

bright hair

thing certainly, her hair is not blond right now. OTOH, it is not black.

We bagged the idea of long distance trips in favor of a couple of local errands

Bird Feeding

taking care of various regal and opinionated water fowl

The SwanThe rather opinionated Canadian Goose Drake

before reaching home with our box of Indian food for dinner.


Up to the arm split on the British Slipover, it will be my main project tomorrow.

British Slipover 5 April 08


Ms Bronze bought me a present (see below) so I needed some really easy knitting. Please meet first the Guy Kippah

Kippah to match DS\'s Guy Socks

and the Noro Kippah.

Noro Kippah

Constructed along the same lines as yesterday, I varied the edging in each. Depending on how they look after blocking, I will write them up and post them in the side bar.


It was the first season of Bones, just for me. I have read all of Kathy Reichs’ books with pleasure; well developed characters, interesting plots with accurate details. Since I don’t own a TV, anything I want to see is seen on my computer long after the original season. We had watched Season 2 several months ago, the kids found Season 1 at the PX last weekend. Snuggled up on the bed with plenty of comforters, we watch the whole first disk.


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2 Responses to Bones

  1. Lorette says:

    Ms. Pink/now Copper is quite lovely! As are the duckoids. And I like the sweater; that looks like a great pattern.

  2. Turtle says:

    love the copper! that made me laugh as i once flew in to house hunt and my in laws were picking me up. They usually wait at the top of the escalator for us. As i was going up the escalator i kept waving to them and they just stared past me. Finally they saw it was me. My natural white blonde hair and shorts had been traded for jeans and a copper red. Threw them completely off after 15 years!

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