It only takes a couple of days of sunshine and the back garden is starting to get lush.

I have the small bells –

some kind of flowering bush

ready to open

ready to open


and of course, the holly

of course, the holly

Not too shabby, I can identify one out of three…..


Since it is hard to see what this jacket is going to look like when knit, here is what the original looked like –

Pagoda - colorway 5

Pagoda - colorway 5

borrowed from the Hanne Falkenberg site. See what I mean about knitting it in one piece? Starting at the top outside of one sleeve, down the front, out to the side, across the back, into the front, up and out.  It …..should… work with me having to complete only the top half of the back when all of the decreasing is done. Where you see red – think burgundy. Purple has become grey Black the outline color.  That weird berry color changed to navy. Now, only if I had remembered to weigh the cones and balls as I went I could be more assured of not running out of yarn…..

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