Blech — 14 Comments

  1. How long do they expect to be having you on all this stuff? I’m looking forward to the happily and more easily ever after for you.

  2. What an arsenal! I am glad the chemo isn’t really bothering you. That is good to hear. How many more rounds of chemo do you have?

  3. Looks like about the same amount of junk that I take daily. Mine are all benign. Keeps me going.

    • There is keeps me going (true – life without thyroid replacement would not be long or pleasant) but the rest of it? Meh!

  4. Wish you were here so I could feed you delicate morsels that were interesting and you would feel like eating!

    • true that. It is mostly the psychological part. Lots of large pills symbolizes illness to me. Tiny ones are lots, lots better

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