Birds in the morning

Unlike those who are birders, I can’t identify any feathered species beyond chickens and geese by their calls.  But they are certainly out there this morning starting with the sunrise.

You don’t hear birds when sailing across the Pacific Ocean except for those rare days when you are near enough to an island  that docking maneuvers and irrigated gulls come into the equation. I can also hear the big silver birds off in the distance which tells me wide direction for those headed south to a landing at the Oakland airport.

What I can tell you is that early in the morning – and sunrise right now in my area of California is shortly before 0600) the birds are up and having a conversation. Probably no more exciting than the average human conversations that we over hear going about our daily lives. What’s to eat? Where are you going? When are you coming back? etc.

On my way down the hill to what was going to be, I was convinced, an extremely painful exercise class I also met this dude.

one each wild turkey

one each wild turkey

He was walking along the sidewalk, then ventured out to explore the street. The toddler, secure in her father’s arms started scrambling to get over their garden gate.

“Be careful, turkey. There are cars. You could get hit!”

Her father and I shared a glance, looked back at the head to body proportion on the dumb bird.

And that is why there is Thanksgiving…..

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