Birds (13/95)

Not on the official list, but as it turns out, one of the best outings of the trip. We have a couple of birders in the group who had requested birding opportunities if possible. These two, by the way, are absolutely great. They share information, are willing to look at other animals/creatures and have an all around good sense of humor. We are all learning but not being slowed down (which just might have been the case on one of my African jaunts).

Anyway, the 0615 starting time which would match sunrise meant there were a few who just decided to skip the trip. Our naturalist was incredible. Not only was he clear and knowledgeable, but had his spotting scope set up so that he could take photos with just about any smart phone (hence I have a couple of photos which do look like birds in a circle).

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We traveled part of the way in on bike-rickshaws then the rest of the time on foot. The reserve is large and we barely saw a small portion. But water birds? Oh, there were water birds.

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(and then there is …)

IMG_2985 IMG_2986


Leaving the park in time to grab breakfast before hitting the road again in our bus all of us would have gladly stayed a few hours more. This drive was shorter and we were in Agra by 1230. Since the hotel would not have rooms available, we elected to take a side trip before, rather than after lunch. That is why I have pictures of the Taj Mahal from directly across the river.

When we arrived back to the hotel it was time for lunch before it closed.

Our final trip out in the evening was to a small cafe open for about the last year. Sheros in simplest terms is employed for women who are survivors of acid attacks, education, training, awareness. There is a video explaining what happened to each of the seven women who work there. Donated art for sale, handicrafts (jewelry, fashion) of extremely high quality for sale, and the usual beverages and simply snacks you would expect to find.

I will just let you follow the link and think about a country which has finally, only in the last few years recognized acid attacks as criminal. Why the face? It is frankly what is exposed on most women and where the highest amount of damage can be inflicted. Acid – most industrial acids are now controlled and regulated. Buying it in the local market is not an option.  Surveillance is non-existence and hospitals are just starting to report what is essentially domestic violence (>90% of cases)….


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4 Responses to Birds (13/95)

  1. Linda M says:

    Kingfishers, and owls, and storks, oh my! Thanks for sharing the birds! I love all your travels Tories and pictures but the birds are special for me.

    • Holly Doyne says:

      I love the painted storks and the kingfishers here are so obviously different than the ones in Africa

  2. The Designated Husband says:

    BBC World News on NPR features a report on Sheros. Anyone interested in learning more should catch this along with a longer report on the BBC News website

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