Big Cat Day

Explore Serengeti National Park

The cabins - front sleeping room and back section with shower and toilet

The cabins – front sleeping room and back section with shower and toilet

You will rejoin the group after breakfast for a morning game-viewing drive. The Serengeti stretches over 5,700 square miles of plains, riverine bush, and acacia woodland, with a dominant environment of acacia grassland. But from the comfort of our bush camp, there is never a rush: We go where the animals are. We can return to a promising area, or range further afield.

As it turned out, this was the day of the cat. Lions, leopards, cheetah were all out and about in spite of the temperature. And more importantly in spite of the tsetse flies. Day biters, these nasty flies are mostly found in brush areas or those with large numbers of herbivores.

I have divided up the pictures, but there are a lot of them…and not all in the order in which we saw/photographed them…

Secretary Bird
Which nest rather messily on top of acacias (one of the 43 species of this tree any way). So the pair – taking off, taking a hike, and crossing the road – after all – there may be snakes on the other side…

Those animals which you expect to see
include wildebeast (gnu), zebras, & elephants

and the antelopes
skipping the Thompson’s, Grants, Impalas, water buck and bush bucks…

More birds
(especially for Linda and Alison)


which are incredibly shy, hard to photo. Even in the park they are quite endangered (killed off by leopards, lions, hyenas…) but apparently willing to have a discussion with Gnus..

Mother Leopard
who hangs out in her own tree – stomach full.

sleeping cat

sleeping cat

but makes a couple of trips up and down while we watch. Note that she stores “lunch” up in the tree on both sides. Don’t enlarge the pictures with dangling antelope legs if it will bother you

Leopard Cub
guestimated to be about 4 months old. Mom is hanging out in the larder tree. Way too many vehicles and tourists for the young one who woke up, got bothered and took off….

Two Lion Prides
The first was hanging out in the sun under a tree – or rather – he was while watching his five ladies look for a snack. Before turning an irritated look our way

the second pride was a bit more scattered with one young male feeling lonely, a couple of lionesses at look out and the king off on a seduction walk

Monkeys behaving badly

And days end


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