Berlin Muster

I am trying very hard not to think about the garden. The grass has gotten really long.
just a bit long, the grass

Trying to mow it with a push-mower takes more than a bit of effort and results in something looking pretty chewed.
chopped  up and chewed
I hung it. Much better that I go and knit!


My SKP2008 second socks are done. The pattern was a 16 row lace that I did not ever manage to memorize. As a result, I was something like the 86th person to finish up the socks, rather than in the top 10. I also will admit not having started them right away. The yarn is Austerman’s Step. It is lovely, and considering that I only paid 6,95DMEuros a ball, it was a great deal and I wish I had purchased more when I was in Munich. Now why am I thinking in the wrong currency?

SKP2008 - Berlin Muster

On the feet and an attempt at detail
Pattern Detail

Books and Audio Books

To tell you the truth – I have been mostly reading rather than listening. And reading junk. So I am not going to share the list unless something turns up that you really might want to read.

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