If you want to know a lot about Bergen, you can read Wikipedia, or go to one of the various sites. It is an old city, dating back to 1070, being subject to numerous fires over the centuries and having been one of the first cities occupied in WWII. As an educational, fishing and maritime hub, Bergen has held regional prominence for all of the last several hundred years. Very much a university town, there are large sections with classical architecture from the 1870s-1890s as well as the historical portion of Bryggen with its small twisted wooden buildings and UNESCO status.

Noah and I were here in 2010 off the Artemis. That time we docked in the city putting us within easy walking distance. This time we were out at one of the commercial ports but the city provided free shuttle service.

From here I will just leave you photos. Oh, the good thing about stopping on a Sunday? No ability to be infected by yarn fumes since the subject stores were all closed.

The city – mostly university section on the hill


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