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  1. We notice that you should be in Belize City on Thursday.

    The cruise ships seem to be docking by a tourist pen square. We didn’t go into it from the land side.

    This area seems to contain most of the souvenier stores in Belize.

    Apparently immigration is at the end of the square.

    Outside the square is Belize City.

    To your right about two blocks is the old colonial high style residential area.

    Ahead about two blocks is Belize City of the old time. Not touristy, old frame construction along with cement construction. About six bolcks ahead is the BZ museum (we did not go into) in the old Royal Jail.

    To your left is noisy crowded commercial BZ City…small shops, crowded streets and usually side walks.

    You may be offered a side trip to “Old Belize” which is a tourist area on the SW side of town. It appears to have a museum, some kiddie rides and souvenier shops. Again, we did not go in. If you decide to go, there will be a reasonable view of the city from the bus window.

    We did not go for the sights or beaches but went looking for a location for a winter home. We liked the country and the people but did not find the mountain climate we were looking for.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time in Belize. Cave tubing is new since I was there. Your description of the Belizean countryside brought back memories though. One thing that has changed is the size of the population, which has almost doubled in 20 years – it was 184,000 in 1991. I can’t say I ever missed the pine trees – the palm trees more than made up for the deficit, and that wonderful combination of coastal savannah and tropical rainforest a few miles inland. Glad you got to experience it.

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