Behind the Walls

Everywhere in Rome you look there are walls. Not the simple house walls that are familiar to most Americans. Here there are freestanding, surrounding and/or part of a still existing edifice. Some are found meters below the current street level in ongoing archeological excavations. Others are simply part of a house; which house might be hard to determine, but part of a house.

Perhaps the most famous walls are those forming the Coliseum where it is not just the iconic outer walls but the warren that existed below the floor, now visible to those visiting this particular historical site. Given the number of people posing everywhere with their cameras and selfie-sticks, I don’t think the fate of gladiators, lions or early Christians ever crossed their minds.

Again today we walked (17,557 according to my supposedly reliable FitBit), Wandering down this road and that, detouring around a bit of free standing wall, I had to wonder at the centuries that passed since someone (probably slaves) had started its construction.

For most of the day the weight of the city seemed to increase as we walked from one century into the next, then back across millennium in modern clothing and sturdy shoes so unlike the sandals and fabrics of years gone by. We missed the persecutions and Black Plague in our journeys but were captured by pasta…..

Walls and edifice photos to follow when I have decent internet.

Oh, and in follow up for the snerts and snickers: There really couldn’t have been much there if a fig leaf no bigger than the palm of my hand could cover everything. OTOH, if you “know” you are a god it probably wouldn’t have matter since snickering would never have been allowed….

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