Behind the Scenes

I spent time wandering behind the scenes today at both the galley and the Savoy Theater. Needless to say, the use of any extra space is maximized. Cupboards organized, racks just so and the larger costumes hanging overhead.

Otherwise, I spent the late afternoon/early cocktail hour talking to one of the lovely older gentlemen on this cruise who usually comes up to Deck 14 either by himself or with his wife.

He was 22 when they married 66 years ago, she had just turned 20. WWII was just over and they were starting out their lives. Quonset Huts for housing in many cities and the GI Bill to get an education. They held jobs, raised their family moved when they needed to and settled on a retirement home.

Cruising has been good to them for the last dozen or so years. They have seen extensive areas of the world while enjoying each others company. He walks with a cane and shuffle, not quite as fast as he used to. Her limitations are more subtle. She looks around with bright eyes and a bird like enthusiasm for new people and new places. Unfortunately that newness is a problem in and of itself. Lovely to talk to, she doesn’t quite understand how her husband managed to get quite this old or who “that woman is who confronts me in the mirror every morning.”

He says this is likely going to be their last cruise. She is now getting lost and confused on the ship. It is not that the staff is not going to find her and bring her back, it is rather than she doesn’t do well anymore in changing environments. He doesn’t want her to feel anxiety and panic should be not be there for a moment, or worse, she not recognize him

Losing one’s mind and memory is hard he reports; worse on the family than the individual. And you don’t know reality when you just smile and wave without talking to people.


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