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  1. My immediate thought (now that I know you weren’t threatened by a real one) was to remember the reports that the Loma Prieta quake 1/4 mile from my aunt-in-law’s house struck with the force of gravity.

    Which was probably some reporter getting the science all wrong, but still. It threw DH’s aunt’s 700 lb wood stove across the room and the piano took out the wallboard.

    That thing is most assuredly hollow, at least. Just watch out for that shake, rattle, and roll for me, willya?

  2. I just mentally counted – that particular bear is well on the other side of Marin from me. So I think I am protected by at least two blocks down and 5-6 north of me.

    OTOH – if there is a quake strong enough to move that bear, I have a feeling that I will know it…

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