Beachs as Decks

Ok, that might not make as much sense on the screen as it did in my head.

The theme behind the two new MSC ships seems to be an “at the seashore” experience. This ships is the Seaside, the sister ship coming out next year to cruise the Med will be the Seaview. The decks all have names along with numbers – those names pulled allegedly from world renown beaches.

Me? I don’t think of decks in terms of names which made navigating a couple of years ago on the Star Princess a bit challenging and actually the same with the Phoenix ship this past summer. I am a fan of numbers. Preferably numbers that are in consecutive order. It is not unusual for certain organizations/ entities to skip the number 13 as potentially being unlucky. It is a superstition that most of us have heard at some point in our lives.

This ship has a deck 13. Ok, no problem. What it doesn’t have is a Deck 17 Seriously, the deck numbering goes from 16 to 18 with a certain number conspicuous by its absence. It seems that 17 might be unlucky in certain portions of Southern Italy but I was unable to find any facts or reference.

If anyone can clear that up?

Anyway – I will attempt to do a listing, description and review of the various decks as beaches over the next few sea days. Decks 5-8 have public areas, 9-15 are all guest cabins, 16&18 have both the fancy Yacht Club and some more public ares.

As I am currently not out and about on the ship, I don’t have the list of deck names in my hand. And, as it turns out – I can’t easily find it on the net either.

Update when I find the list to follow….

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  1. Stuart Moxley says:

    In Italy, 17 is considered an unlucky number. One anagram of the Roman numeral XVII is VIXI, which in Latin translates as “I have lived”, with the implication “My life is over” or “I’m dead”.Nov 15, 2007

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