The Fall Annual Ramstein Bazar started today. Or maybe it was yesterday, but certainly the gates were open at 1000 this morning.

Last fall, we had dropped by the similar one run in Heidelberg and found some really nice kitchen treasures. I had mentioned it earlier this week and the oldest teen had been interested. Enough to even be willing to get up on a Saturday morning.

Vendors were packed into two huge hangers and a triple size fest tent. We spent a number of hours cruising around, looking at all the booths and buying very little.

I did find some really nice earrings which were easier to photo hanging on some yarn that from my ears.


And a really cute hedgehog that, for half-price, needed to be in my collection.


But the best find of the day was at the end, in one of the regular shops. I present – The Spinner –


Who I think is just great. Since I have no use for holiday ornaments – she is going to have an existence as a fob on my wheel’s distaff to keep me company.


This morning I had started some new roving – pencil corriedale from Crown Mountain Farms.

I love the colourway – all blues and purples –

And it spins like a dream to a fine singles –



Hidden Moon by Lori Handelman, picked up and finished today. I like the series, but use of her werewolf theme seemed awfully contrived. Too much supernatural thrown in from all directions and not enough tied well enough together. The bad guys were barely developed before they got to be dead victims.

Finally had a chance to hear the last cassette of Dream House, by Rochelle Krich. Her other Molly Blume’s are better. OTOH, after having spent time in LA summer of 2006, it made following the story through the various neighborhoods much easier.


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