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Battery Life — 5 Comments

  1. . . .and you haven’t told us whether it worked when you replaced the battery!

    You have to admit that it was pretty accurate – it was only out by two days even if you allow for the leap year!

  2. I’ll bet the replacement battery has a much shorter stated life span. No profit in selling a battery that should last 4-5 years.

  3. Oh, that’s funny. So many of us have experiences with things dying right
    at the end of/before the end of their warranty that that’s just really
    funny! And had it been Leap Day…!

  4. This is just so totally weird. There are countless numbers of battery-operated toothbrushes in the world, and far fewer Doynes. So does it surprise you that I happen to own the very same model of toothbrush that features in this post?!

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