When I see the word barriers – it can mean many things from obstacles in the way of accomplishing tasks to laws preventing equitable access to just plain large and heavy physical objects blocking ones path.

What I noticed today when walking toward work is that expansion of the airfield is putting up more barriers. Literally, there are Alaska Barriers going up along several of the back paths which I walk. In terms of protecting the BHuts, it makes sense to have protection between the flight line and extremely flammable living space. There are sandbags being placed in other areas which don’t affect line of sight or increase ugliness quite as much.

The end result is that my hiking paths are disrupted. Some of the other barriers – time, people and places I have decided to view as challenges. That way, I am free to figure out a way around and not be stopped by a few things that both on the surface and underneath are obviously totally and completely stupid.

As several people reminded me yesterday, I am expecting a lot when I demand logic and sense out of the military. It is not set up for my convenience but rather to manage the most with a consistent set of rules and regulations. And yes, I can turn in gear in Kuwait; the question is whether I can get permission to save the government money by not making the trip to the states and back. For that, I need my retirement orders. 85 days and counting. It would be really nice…..

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3 Responses to Barriers

  1. Carmen says:

    Hey! I learned a new thing today, because I had to look up Alaska barriers. Actually, now I know about Texas barriers, too – they are the shorter version of the same, apparently, and the generic name, according to Wikipedia is Bremer wall. Sort of sorry to hear they’d name anything functional after that creep, but, whatever.

    How did 60 become 85?

  2. Holly says:

    59 max to be home. 85 to be retired from the Army

  3. Lisa Barron says:

    What an incredible amazing and inspirational woman you are, I know you wont acknowledge that but I just knew you were special when I saw you on deck and so pleased I got to know you just a little. Stay safe and look forward to following your story. Lisa

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