Bar Harbor

there are two ships at anchor today; the RCI Legend of the Seas and NCL Dawn (if I am reading the side of the ship correctly from this distance). Since I haven’t really been able to access the internet for a couple of days I am headed back to the Trailhead Cafe. Just far enough off the main drag that most of the customers are local, that is exactly why I go there. Not anywhere near as much competition for decent but not blazing fast wifi…

The sun is shining and I am looking forward to potentially taking a hike as soon as I hit the post office and finish with these files. With George off in Hong Kong (don’t ask – but I am not there. Serves me right for traveling by sea) for less than a week I have no clue as to when I am going to be able to expand my allowable storage space on the server to start wowing you (ok, sharing with you) photos of some of these exciting and not so exciting locations.

I am holding out for a full day of friends in Portland tomorrow!

(and Bee’s Yarns and Candies was open. Nice, helpful and friendly owner. She has those which are from Maine prominently displayed. I managed the post office and now working on post cards before heading back to the ship….)


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