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It has been a lovely cruise: multiple interesting ports, no tenders involved and reconnecting with old acquaintances.

Sailing into Venice mid-afternoon meant enjoying the Grand Canal. Most of the time ships are leaving after dark or returning early in the morning so it was lovely to get a good look at the cathedrals, squares, water boats and tourists intermingling with residents.

One could play live chess here as well ….

black and white tiled courtyard

black and white tiled courtyard

The only down side, and it is a serious one – is this ship seems to be totally and completely unable to provide an adequate vegetarian diet. The Windjammer has managed to come up with a gluten free corner, but has not consolidated the vegetarian food anywhere. I received repeated excuses about “Royal provides the menus…” Hello? I have sailed on 16 other vessels in the fleet. Never had a problem finding food before. DIdn’t have to ask for something special at every meal.

Example, there was a lovely appearing buffet for cruisers at the senior loyalty levels. Everything except for the mozzarella salad, one veg (heavily salted) and one risotto had either meat or fish into it. There wasn’t even a non-fish sushi option. I am not counting deserts. I don’t usually eat the deserts. Seated next to the hotel director – I just looked at him. Told him I was leaving to find lunch. He had the grace to look embarrassed and ask if I wanted something specially prepared. No – the point I am trying to make is that I am not the only one who prefers a vegetarian diet. As a group we should have to beg at every meal. Perhaps it is just me? But I want to be able to select food without making a fuss. Without putting people who are already working hard to extra work. The other ships manage – why not this one?

Off soap box….

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