back to SFO

managed to find my way off the ship, luggage, customs and the bus to FLL airport without as much pain as it could have been.

Along the way I met this lovely woman from Stockholm who was traveling by herself and fairly anxious about the whole disembarkation process so I had someone to chat with along the way. She taught German in the Swedish school system for 40 years …. Traveling by herself because her husband’s cancer took a tern for the worse and his doctor said he was stable but couldn’t fly. Both he and their kids decided she still needed to make the trip – visit friends and take the vacation they had both planned since the next ~ three months of hospice care are not going to be fun. I think she would have been happier to stay home but traveled because the family needed her to.

Which takes me back to the – don’t put off for later what you want to do because you may just not have the time.

So anyway – I got to SFO, the hotel shuttle finally came. Found this guy with grey hair and beard. Followed him back to his room.

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  1. catdownunder says:

    Would, on the whole, agree with do it now – although it can be difficult when hampered by an even more Senior Cat who likes to sleep in his own bed!
    The expedition to the Galapagos sounds marvellous! Hope you will put some pictures up for the rest of us!

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