Back to Sea

And now we start the long run to Ft Lauderdale.

Actually, I am kind of curious why the sole port on this westward journey was Vigo rather than holding off and stopping in St Maarten.  But then, I am always up for Phillipsburg.

Looking at the schedule, I am not all that impressed with the Cruise Director’s staff. There are ~5500+ passengers on this ship. The daily program is just about the same (with the addition of the sport with dedicated facilities) that you would find on any ship. Including various assorted craft activities limited to 25 participants.


Or various dance activities accommodating a maximum of 30-40 people. Several of the lectures have been standing room only 30 minutes prior to the lecture which either reflects widespread interest in the speaker or lack of other options. No clue on how well attended Bingo or gambling events have been, but my impression is that the lack of decent large lounges is playing a role. The Schooner Bar – location for all Trivias is overwhelmed. Forget ordering anything to drink, just get there early enough (maybe an hour or two?) for a seat.

I’m glad I sprung for the balcony. It means I am lucky enough to have light, air and a comfortable place to  hang out.

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