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I’m not even sure how long it has been since I made a Saturday afternoon Heidelberg Strikktreff at Red. I am thinking months and months. Probably this year although it could have been last. I just didn’t think of it last week. I am leaving on Monday so this was my chance.

Good decision. There were only a couple of women I didn’t know; but the rest? The core of the group over the last 5-7 years. Some I have known even longer.

There was some catching up. But mostly a sharing of current work and projects that had just been finished. Saturday afternoons are the time-out from all the rest of the week and challenges of living, surviving, working. Why spoil it?

Besides – when there were enough of us who don’t make it regularly it is just too hard to figure out what to say and how far to go back in the recitation.

I finished the yarn I had for the Ocean Wave and now await digging more out of somewhere it is stashed.

This is where I am. Size is currently ~ 2 feet by 3 1/2 feet. The measuring instrument in this case was my bare right foot. So go figure whatever you want.

end of 15 August

end of 15 August

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