Back in Ushuaia

We docked early, at the same pier as before. The plan was to take off to the National Forest with a van of friends seeing a few lakes, the Beagle Chanel from the shore and otherwise gawk at nature.

That last part was not hard at all. Standing at the southern most end of the Pan-American Highway it is only 17,800 kilometers to Alaska. Just a short jaunt up the road. Shouldn’t take more than, oh let us say 6 months to hike at top speed and more realistically a year I would think. In someways I am sorry I never tackled things like that when I might have been able to manage. The walking and hiking for me might still be a reality, but packing on my back a full kit? No. Or sleeping along roads? Comfort and safety still mean more to me. But the Andes are spectacular, in this one section where they run east/west rather than the N-S of the rest of the chain.

The border with Chile is a straight line in the map dividing this particular island, cutting through the mountains and pretending there is an inscription in the water with meaning to wildlife. I just enjoyed looking, taking a few pictures and didn’t t even mind too much that the chair lift was out so that we were unable to head up the glacier.

Getting back a bit early (see lack of chair lift in para above) it gave me time to head to the ship for lunch then back to the transit point for wifi access. Now all I have to do is remember to get to the ship on timeā€¦.

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