Back in Palma de Mallorca

or Majorca or what ever the spelling is in the current language under discussion. I can’t spell anyway which means that flipping between English and German jus makes it worse. Add to that an attempt to be courteous – after all why should we (white man is to blame. When in doubt it is still safe to lay the blame at the feet of the average western caucasian guy) feel entitled to change the name of a city/town/country just because its own name doesn’t make sense or wrap properly around the tongue?

Gee, I am on a rant, aren’t I?

In any case, by the time we pulled into Palma this afternoon, all the petty annoyances of this particular cruise had pushed buttons on all of us. Pushed us right over the top. It was the little things that drove me nuts. For example -each and every clock in the ship had a different time, none of which bore any relation to the current time. Just round faced white clocks with brass trim drifting along in hooka smoking Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar time. Much of this had gradually eroded any sense of humor regarding the poorly prepared and unimaginative menus in the main dining room and repetitive boredom in the 11th deck buffet. Since no one in my crew is 10 any longer – the normal vote is for food other than pizza, burgers and french fries. And as for jello? Well, I swore off jello as food about when I left Minnesota along with signing off on mini-marshmallows and hot dish.

Since the ship was not arriving till 1300 (remember our fun on departure?) we didn’t have to clear the room till 1100 in the morning. I volunteered to relax on the back deck with the hand luggage while the three went to grab some lunch. It took a bit longer than planned. Something about the buffet being out of silverware and the various assorted waitstaff not being able to find it.

Anyway – we managed to get our selves off the ship, down the infinite gangway and board walks back to the terminal building. By catching a cab – we entered a whole new world. The resort hotel where George’s firm is having their annual outing is in a completely different class than MSC Lines.

High end – while the majority of the staff grew up speaking Spanish, English and German are spoken fluently. All the information, signage and notices are in all three.

The floor is solid, there is marble everywhere. And, there is a golf course which does not feature six holes of mini-golf.

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  1. Angeluna says:

    I’ve always been annoyed by the renaming of cities and countries to suit. Ditto the gross mispronunciation of names in other languages. One should at least make an effort.

    Glad you’re back to more comfort. You deserve it!

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