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Back at Sea — 9 Comments

  1. Love Bermuda. Can’t quite say why. Like Puerto Rico only with civility and far less crowding. I can really relax there.

  2. Enjoy! That’s one of our favorite “just relax” routes. I’m betting you’re on Grandeur, if so please send my best to
    my friend the Next Cruise/Loyalty guy if he’s not on leave. He’s a small guy but with a big effect on guest
    service and clients, and once said I should come work in the same position for RCCL. ha

    • He is currently on leave, with V filling in. She is not appreciative of me right now. As senior cruiser I don’t want to play….

  3. Relax, relax and then relax some more. Bermuda is one of my most favorite, absolutely beautiful and transportation is excellent!!

  4. Also, something mentioned on the news in z
    west Texas about a tropical storm headed for the NC outer banks.

    We heard about a relocation cruise last week worthy of your consideration London-Melborne 45
    days through Suez beginning late September.

    • I think I am going to have just as much fun floating around Italy and the Eastern Med for Sept/Oct. Been through the Suez x2 and don’t have much interest in India ports (even though I already have the needed Visa)

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