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  1. Well, dangit! Or, as the Wisconsin girl in me would say, Shitski. Sounds like you are in good hands, which makes a huge difference. I hope the treatment you choose goes smoothly. I’m sure your healthy lifestyle helps. I’ve been thinking of you. I didn’t realize you’d dealt with this before, though you have referenced medical issues. I guess I missed it. Anyway, here it is again and you are on it. You are very practical, which I appreciate. I get what you mean about living long enough to see you children grow to adults and having a good life. I don’t know how I’d react to a life-threatening situation, though I hope I’d be like you are. I feel incredibly fortunate. So, I hope you have successful treatment and are able to continue with your interesting travel and watch your children build lives and families of their own.

  2. thanks for the supporting comments and good wishes. I think I was less than two years out from diagnosis when I met you the first time (deployments are so much fun…) and I am shocked to realize that time was more than a decade and a half ago. Time flies when we are having fun. Or life is what happens while you are making your plan.

  3. Wait, I thought that I was going to be Queen of the Universe when the position opened up. Oh well. You be Queen, I’ll be the Enforcer. There are some people that I really want to smack in the head right now. If you’re Queen, you’ll need a good Brute Squad.

  4. Boy, the aging process sure sucks! Sorry to hear that “it’s back”. Good luck, and yes, keep me on your mailing list.

    It’s seems like just yesterday we were all young, living on the farm and wondering what our future would be.

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