BA, not away

Did you know that you really can’t easily get to the train station early in the morning?

My choices were the 0438 train, the 0547 train or missing my 0730 flight. And the road down the hill from us is still under construction. By the time I found a real street car stop, I was half way to the train station. Now, if I wanted I could spend 2,10 on fare to ride three stops and then walk to the train station. Or hike a long block and wait to take a bus to the train station, or, I could just save my money and walk.

Not that any of it mattered anyway. Once at the airport, and after hiking off the end of the earth and around all the renovations in Terminal 2 – gate area D I found that my British Airways flight out was delayed. There was heavy fog predicted for Heathrow. Gate hold is what it is called.

Only catch was – there was no fog…

more knitting occurred which would have been completely and totally fine, had not my MP3 player decided to freeze.


The second blue sock was finished and I pulled out some JaWoll Cotton that was hanging around, making significant progress.


But mostly, I contemplated an article that was in Die Welt. On the surface it seems logical – Brockhaus is giving up printing hard copy encyclopedias for an Internet based one. The major publisher for 200 years, this can be viewed as an historical change in knowledge distribution or a smart marketing decision since few people want that yardage of heavy books on their shelves. Those that have book shelves, that is.

The idea of an Internet based encyclopedia is not new – Wikipedia has been available on line for years. Free. Several of the US publishers have tried to have subscription services or CD based sales. In Germany, Brockhaus will be changing from password (cost) access to open Internet access.

The difference to what is already available? Non-wiki, that is to say articles all written by experts in their field with a major publisher standing behind the accuracy of the content. In many countries, there will be no change, but for German speaking countries I think there are going to be impacts. Students of today are more likely to look on the Internet for information than to do primary research in libraries. Wikipedia is a favorite source of information. There are times when the accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. I see major publisher’s encyclopedias free as an improvement all around. Those who care about wiki access might be motivated to improve the quality of what is out there. And all the small things that would otherwise never make a major encyclopedia will still have entries in Wikipedia. Increasing knowledge access about all subjects for everyone is not a bad thing.

Without an MP3 player, I obviously had too much thinking time on my hands.

Arriving at Heathrow right around 1030 (this was my 0845 arrival) there was a remarkable absence of fog. The whole episode reminded me of Washington, DC when there is a predicted snow fall. Businesses and government shut down on rumours while the traffic snarls hours ahead of any dusting on the roads.


First sock finished by evening. Simple eyelet pattern.


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