Land planned from 1000-2000. City of 1.3M, but not the capital (that would be Wellington for everyone like me who had to look it up).

where we are

where we are

We sailed into the harbor with lots of sunshine which meant the rain started not all that long afterwards.

So far I have been up to the top of the tower but decided not to do the tower jump (for which I am sure all my kids + the husband is probably grateful). The city is pretty amazing -the architecture is wide ranging from ~ about 100 years to extremely new and modern with a good variety in between. Somehow it all works (including the Hilton Hotel at the Harbor which I think is supposed to remind us of a catamaran. Please pardon the blue tinge – shooting through the colored glass…..

Wifi is free in the city – but it is extremely difficult to get a connection as there are a lot of others with exactly the same intentions.

I am wandering around and not planning on anything complicated. Certainly not hiking out to the ends of the earth but I might consider a ferry ride later. I have found the important things (coffee, internet, books, postcards and stamps…..

Tomorrow I am in Bay of Islands…..

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2 Responses to Aukland

  1. Bev Tilson says:

    sounds like you had a good day in the BIG city.!!!!!!

  2. Yvonne and Mike love NZ and have good friends there. Stunning gardens, I hear.

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