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Can you imagine how stupid I felt today when I emailed to someone that they could see a particular sock, if they just checked my entry from Sunday, the one with the train pictures?

“there is no entry with train pictures!” was the reply.

And she was right. It was gone. I could swear that I wrote a post entitled “Home Again.” I even have some of the draft words saved in another document and the pictures are all in the correct folder. But the entry is gone. Not only that, but my dates are off. Yesterday’s post came out labeled by the blog as 22 April. And I know very well that it was the 23rd.

And I have no clue how to get it back.

If I have enough energy tonight, I will recreate it after the fact, if only to provide the pictures. It would be a lot more fun than reliving today’s time in the office. The only positive part of the day was being able to knit a pattern repeat while backing up files.

We will not discuss the two hours that it took me to get home, at a total standstill on the A6 zwischen Grünstadt und Ludwigshafen. Remind me why I always come upon major accidents just after the last possible exit? An hour later as I eeked passed the bent guard rails and out of true large trucks I was still listening to Rapture in Death on cassette having decided to turn off the CD Player 30 minutes into the delay. That meant the rest of To The Nines is going to have to wait till later. Several repeats of the six row sock pattern as well mere managed.


Moving on to the fun stuff – I have the first sock of Glamour done. It is the pattern for this 2-month period from SockenKreativ Liste (the German = of 6 Socks KAL). This was part of Sunday’s, but I will just put it in here.

Sock one of SKL Glamour sock top detail

Knit out of Sweet Socks by Michelle in merino/tencil. The color is Scarlet Letter. There are 68 stitches around and I was knitting on 2,00 mm needles from Lantern Moon – their new Sox Sticks. They are pricey, but lovely to knit with. I found that the shorter length was much faster.

And then there is Jody’s Socks. I am test driving this pattern and am finding it wonderful. Normally I don’t like anything that is not charted, but this one would be a royal pain and there are only six clever rows. As soon as I am done and get permission, I will let you know where you can get it. This is my first swag at anything from Zen Yarn Garden
The yarn is lovely to knit with, and the toe up construction was simple. At 60 stitches with 2,5mm needles. I have gotten over 15 cm done in less than 2 hours.


The house is quiet with the kids all gone, the DH at a reception and the dog asleep. Moths, as I have discovered, do not like RAID for flying insects.
24 April 07 2115

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  1. Pat says:

    I love your 2 socks in the making – I just joined the SockenKreativ Liste, but have not made any of them YET!!
    In answer to your Red Bird Knits question…If you scroll down you will see how to order single patterns (I think mine cost 6.00) She has a shopping cart system and you can pay by credit card etc.

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