Army Medical Services Museum

And yes, this is the British Army to which I am referring.

I like most museums. At least if they are well enough lighted for me to be able to see anything, and have something that I would really like to see. Add in a bit of medical, and I am a happy camper. This particular Museum is located on Keogh Barracks and comes complete with its own gift shop where you can acquire regimental items.

For those of you who want the general gist, I might remind you that this is a British Museum. Some of the history is a bit “way back in the memory” from my high school world history. Just not wars that were really covered well, since the US did not play in many of these campaigns.

Time Lines are important.


and it doesn’t take much to figure out that medicine has been around a bit longer than the 21st Century.


That casualty evacuation has been an issue for a long time


although the methods might have improved a bit from this


and leaving aside that a couple of you really want to see the dental stuff …


what I found cool was the Prev Med – and the original collection of slides from Sir Leishman (sandfly fever anyone?)



Viking Sweater

Current status of my Viking Sweater



and yet another pair of socks started. This time from Silver Streak colourway. The yarn is 100% Merino from Cherry Hill.



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  1. ruth says:

    The Viking sweater looks as if it’s taking flight, although it’s flight on the seas.

    Neat museum! Hubbo and I like unusual museums, and this looks like something we’d go for.

    Happy England. I’m jealous!

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