Army Ball – 234 years

I know I was not thinking straight several months ago when I blithely agreed it would be wonderful to attend the Army Birthday Ball at Menwith Hill. Sponsored by the MI BN, it is only a measly 250 miles (give or take depending on road construction which translates to 4-5 hours on UK roads) from where I am stationed.

Also making it a bit problematic was the fact that I didn’t get home all that early on Thurs evening coupled with a before 0530 start.

Did I mention that I also had promised to arrive at Menwith Hill in the morning in order to work on some paperwork? Said paperwork needing to be completed prior to 1100 when the GOH (Guest of Honor = two star General Officer) was scheduled to arrive.

And then there was the small issue of road construction, two lanes roads at the end, a few tractors chugging down the road effectively blocking everyone and …..

you get the idea.

I did get a nap in the afternoon, the Ball was fine, the food a buffet (that actually had vegetables), the Chaplain did one of the best invocations I have heard in years and I hit the road to home about 2230.

We will not discuss road construction on the way back (unanticipated closures and detours) nor almost going the wrong way down a dual carriage way (what is with the idiot who moved the signs?) and just say that I feel into my own bed at 0300 cursing myself for being stupid enough to drive home exhausted.

Next time, I will take up the kind offer of the bed (or sleep in the car if I am feeling stupid) and drive when it is light.

And, after all of that – I don’t even have any pictures!

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